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Comments from Sparklin' Petz partents: 

I live in Chapel Hill.  I had been calling mobile groomers trying to get one to come to my house to groom Toby, my golden, for about a month now.  For some reason, a lot of them don't travel to Chapel Hill.  We (Tarheels) have dogs too!  I saw the trailer with Sparklin' Petz on it out one day and called the number.  So happy this one serviced my area and I didn't have to wait a long time to get an appointment either.  I love Toby with all my heart but I feel like I will have a heart attack from the stress of trying to get him in the car to go get groomed somewhere.  This is much easier on me and Toby.  Go team SPARKLIN' PETZ!  (Lame, I know.) But I just wanted to say thanks.   --Tanisha and Toby


​I was so impressed with Cuddles' groom.  She looked so cute with her bows that Tasha gave her.  She did a really good job.  I will definitely have Tasha come back to groom Cuddles again.                                                            

--Michelle and Cuddles


It was my wife's birthday coming up and I decided to surprise her with a "real" groom on our poodle instead of my "at-home" one that I have been giving her myself.  She looked totally different from when I did her.  Professional haircut, smelled fresh, and she wasn't bothered at all that someone other than her dad (me) was giving her a trim up.  She probably liked it better with Tasha doing it than me anyway.    :)   "So that's what a poodle is supposed to look like."  That's what her mom said when she got home.  That's fine.  We'll just call Tasha to do it from now on.  Just as long as mommy stays happy.   :)                                                                                                                       --Joseph (& Leslie) and Sophie

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