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Do you have any questions about Sparklin' Petz? 

Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have pertaining to mobile grooming with Sparklin' Petz.  I will be glad to answer any that you have.  I have provided a few below that customers frequently ask me about the services.  Hope this helps you.....

What are the services provided by SPARKLIN’ PETZ GROOMING?






Brush out


Paw pad trim

Sanitary area trim

Nail trim or grinding

Ear cleaning

Anal glands (done only upon request)

Tooth brushing (additional fee applies)

How long does the groom usually take?

The groom typically takes one hour to one and 1/2 hours.  But there have been special cases when a two hour groom is needed.  This depends on the length of the coat, condition of the coat, behavior of the dog, type of haircut  being requested, and size of dog.  Thicker, longer, or matted coats will take more time for grooming because there is more hair to deal with.  A misbehaving pet or an elderly pet both require more TLC and it helps to go at a slower pace than with a normal groom.  Also, if I am asked to do a specific cut that is very detailed,  I will take my time to make sure that I provide the correct cut for your particular breed of dog.  


How much does the groom cost?​


The cost of each groom is determined by the size of the dog, breed of the dog, and condition of their coat.  Overly matted petz will have an additional charge to compensate for the extra time needed for ridding the pet of its mats.  Also, petz with extreme behavior issues while grooming or special needs may be subject to additional charges.

How do I schedule an appointment & how often?

It's soooo easy to set up a grooming appointment with me & Sparklin' Petz.  There are a few options that you can choose from.  Fill out the information requested on the Contact Me page on this site.  I will get back to you within 24 hours to have a phone consultation and to set up the best day and time that you are available.  You can call the provided phone number  to speak with me personally.  Or you can send an email directly to  Either of these methods will suffice.


Where do you do the groom?  Inside my house?

The groom is performed inside my equipped trailer specialized just for grooming.  There is a bathtub, plumbing, electricity, and all the grooming supplies and tools necessary to do a bath and groom on your pet.  I drive to your location, park my trailer in your driveway or sidewalk, and do the groom inside the trailer.  One-on-one interaction with your pet is the key to reduce stress and/or anxiety.  


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